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Powerworld Music releases

Albums and singles


Holding Back

The Three Degrees 2010 (original)and 2013 remix


Fool For Love

Sonia 2009.(original) June 1


Romance Around The World

Tony Power 14.6.2013


Best Of Powerworld Music 12.1.2013  


Powerworld 12” mixes 2015

Various Artists


Eurovision Connections album

Various Artists 31.3.2015


Holding Back

The Three Degrees 2010,2011,2013 various


Love Come Back

Jacquii Cann 1992 and 12.1.2013


What’s In It For Me

Kelly 1993 and 2012


That’s What Love Is.

John Springate 13.5.2013


Come Fly With Me

John Springate 12.10.2014


I’m not Listening Anymore

Angie Brown.2009 10.2.2013



Won’t Stop Loving You.

Angie Gold 6.4.2014


I Don’t Need You.

Kelly Wilde 1989 and 2.12.2014


Fool For Love

Sonia 2009 June 1 and 2013 remixes also Single remix 10.2.2014


You Came To Me

Anne Marie David 14.2.2014

You Came To Me. Miss Diva.


A fool For You Nomore

Niamh Kavanagh 2009 and 15th Nov 2012 and in July 2017


Putting A Brave Face On

Carol Jiani Original (2009)8.7.2013 


I’m Missing you

Ricky Lavazza 2011


The Love Of Powerworld Music (Album)

Various Artists. 1.2.2016

Hold On To Your Dream. Miss Jason

October 28.10.2016. 


Holding Back.Pollarik remix.The Three Degrees 27.6.2016

Best Of Powerworld Music album .12.1.2013

(Your World Is Now Waiting )Scott Fitzgerald 2.4.2020

(Hear My Song) Two's Company  31.8.2018

(His Looks Can Kill) Diane Horan Hill 27.3.2017

(Powerworld Legends album )5.4.2019

(Christmastime With You) The CIAD singers 30.11.2017

Pull My Heartstrings 17 track instrumental album released on  31.3.2024

My Best Lovesongs album (Various Artists) 14.3.2024


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